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FEDERAL Criminal Defense


When you are in need of a great criminal defense attorney, many times your reputation, career and way of life are all in jeopardy. You need an attorney who is competent, confident, compassionate, and committed to fighting for you and fighting to obtain the justice you deserve. The Wright Law Firm of Charlotte is the right choice for you and your family.

Are you ready to fight to protect your freedom and your future? If you are ready to fight, Attorney Wright stands ready, willing, and able to fight side by side with you. Everyone at The Wright Law Firm of Charlotte, PLLC are here to work for you. Together we will fight those who are trying to persecute and unjustly punish you.

When it is you versus the United States Government, it can seem unfair, overwhelming and daunting. Federal offenses can include:

Drug Trafficking Offenses
Immigration Offenses
Bank Fraud
Counterfeit Money
Computer and Internet Fraud
Credit Card Fraud
Wire Fraud
Phone and Telemarketing Fraud
Healthcare Fraud
Insurance Fraud
Mail Fraud
Mortgage Fraud
Alien Smuggling
False Statement
Money Laundering

When facing the Federal Government you need a strong advocate with knowledge and experience to stand by your side. You need someone who can help put your mind at ease and fight to keep you in a position to continue your pursuit of happiness. Attorney Wright is an experienced and effective Federal Trial Attorney, who has tried a wide array of Federal cases, including charges ranging from Bank Robbery, Hobbs Act Robbery, Drug Conspiracy, Wire Fraud, and RICO Organized Crime Cases. Attorney Wright has capably represented Federal Clients charged with 992(g) and 924(c) offenses just to name a few.

Attorney Roderick Wright has a track record of success defending career offender, and armed career criminal enhancements.

You are not powerless. We are all imperfect human beings who deserve to be treated fairly. You need an experienced attorney who will see you for who you are, and fight for your life and freedom. Attorney Wright knows how important your case is, and will give it the high priority that it deserves.